Two alarming bits of news have come from the California Pool & Spa Association - a licensing scam and a proposed building ban, which requires immediate action on the part of local builders and professionals.

The City of Ojai has proposed an ordinance calling for a 45-day moratorium on pool construction while staff develops a permanent water-use ordinance.

A city council hearing is scheduled for this Tuesday, Sept. 13 at 7:00 p.m. CPSA is sending a spokesperson, but the organization also asks local builders and industry professionals to attend. CPSA can supply materials to help.

The organization has filed opposition comments, and requested a meeting with city officials. The language seems to lump pools with certain commercial buildings, which also would be banned for 45 days. It is considered an urgency ordinance, which typically go through the process much faster than normal ones.

"At this point, we assume the prohibition on new swimming pools is aimed at residential pools in the city, on the theory that pools utilize too much water when the state [is experiencing] drought conditions, which is an assumption that has no factual merit whatsoever," said CPSA Executive Director John Norwood.

He said pools generally use only a couple hundredths of one percent of a city's water. "The point is that there are no water savings to be achieved by prohibiting the construction or filling of new pools," he said. "In fact, just the reverse is often the case, as the new pool typically replaces traditional landscaping that is significantly less water efficient."

Also in the Golden State, it appears that certain scammers have set their sights on licensed builders. CPSA issued an alert saying individuals are calling pool builders asking for credit card information to renew their contractors licenses. The Contractors State License Board, which grants state licenses, NEVER calls to collect payment.

Professionals who receive such a call should not provide any information, and should contact the CSLB to report the call:

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