Consumer demand for saltwater chlorine generators has significantly increased in recent years. As a result, many service technicians believe the media has marketed them as a fix-all sanitation system in which pool owners “never have to deal with chlorine again.”

Bob Fowler, for one, believes more education is needed if consumers are to make the right decision. “I’ve gotten a lot of [inquiries] recently about salt generators,” says the president of Fowler Pool Service & Supply Inc. in San Diego. “They’re being marketed exceptionally well.”

Even some manufacturers agree that consumers need more information about the product’s continued maintenance. “There’s a big misconception that when someone has a saltwater generator installed, it’s all they need in the swimming pool,” says Michael Moore, vice president of marketing at Advantis Technologies in Alpharetta, Ga.

“In reality, you still need all the supplemental chemicals,” he adds. “Builders sometimes forget to give all the information when they’re selling the benefits to the consumer.”


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