The most concerning stipulations in a California safety bill have been removed. AB 470 would increase the number of requisite safety devices on pools from one to two, and mandate that residential pools be inspected before a home is sold. But industry officials mostly feared that a statement of intent, which claimed isolation fencing is most effective in preventing drowning, would lead to fencing requirements in the future. That language was removed after meetings between the bill’s author and the California Pool & Spa Association, which cited studies in Australia, New Zealand and Phoenix disputing the isolation fencing claim. The bill’s author also added a proposed change to state code that would prevent municipalities from adopting different safety laws. “AB 470 now simply increases the mandate of one safety and drowning prevention device to two,” CPSA said. “Increasing the prevention measures from one to two safety measures may well improve pool safety, and CPSA supports this proposal in the spirit of protecting children.” The bill has until Aug. 30 to pass.