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Whether you want to update your skills or need to meet your continuing education requirements, the Everything Under the Sun Expo has the classes for you. This year, attendees have their choice of nearly 80 courses, 68 of which are new offerings, as of press time. (Manufacturers such as Century Electric, Hayward Pool Products and Zodiac Pool Systems also plan to offer hands-on training at the show on their products for a small fee of $5.)

As you make your show plans, here are a few classes you may want to explore, depending on your firm’s needs. Material ranges from basic to advanced, with many qualifying for continuing education credits that meet Florida’s various licensing requirements.

If Your Customers Have Been Asking About Energy Efficiency:

As energy efficiency becomes part of the discussion for seemingly everything related to the home, many homeowners are curious about what they can do, energy-wise, with their pool or spa. Get the training you need to answer their questions — and get their business — with these classes:

ENERGY STAR — Pump Qualification Criteria and Retail Partner Certification (basic)

Solar Pool Heating Basics (basic)

Solar Water Heating Basics (basic)

Solar Water Heating System Inspection (basic)

Design and Repair of a Solar Pool Heating System (intermediate)

Swimming Pool Energy Audits (advanced)

Energy Efficient Swimming Pool and Spa Hydraulic Design (advanced)

If Your Firm Wants to Manage Risk Better in 2014:

Workplace injuries, accidents, lawsuits, and related legal and regulatory problems can quickly destroy your company’s momentum and profitability. If you’d prefer to concentrate on making money over meeting with lawyers, here are some classes to consider:

DOT Regulations for the Pool Industry (basic)

OSHA Training for Service Technicians (intermediate)

Motion is Money (advanced)

Construction Quality and Contractual Liability (all levels)

Site Specific Safety Plans (all levels)

If Your Firm Wants to Grow Its Expertise:

Building and maintaining a beautiful pool or spa requires an incredible range of people and skills. If you want to make sure your firm is always prepared to do top-quality work, whatever the challenge, check out these technical courses, which cover everything from installation of popular glass tile to service calls.

Pool Surface Forensics 101 (basic)

In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation Systems (basic)

How to Achieve Efficient Water Chemistry (intermediate)

Ozone and Germicidal UV: A Synergistic Approach (intermediate)

Salt Chlorinator Service Calls: Breaking it Down (intermediate)

Oxidation Tools for Pools in Florida’s Tough Climate (advanced)

Glass Tile Installation in Pool Applications (advanced)

Advanced Automation: Sizing and Retrofit (advanced)

If You Want to Grow Your Business:

Many pool firms reported a surge of new business in 2013. If you want to take advantage of the improving market for pools and spas in this year, here are some business courses covering marketing, technology, time management, and more:

Technology for the Small Business Owner: From Chaos to Control (basic)

Insurance Basics for Business (basic)

Improving Company Visibility and Income (intermediate)

Basic Business Planning: Taking Your Business to the Next Level (intermediate)

Secrets to Earning More by Selling Less (all)

Lastly, if you’re looking for more intensive design instruction — and are willing to invest time and money in it, you may want to consider the classes offered by Genesis 3 Design Group. Founded by pool industry leaders Brian Van Bower and Skip Phillips, the firm will present two-day seminars in Elements of Design and SketchUp. The fee for each class is $2,199.

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