With the popularity of fashion statements like flannel shirts and choker necklaces, and the critical acclaim of television series such as Netflix's "Stranger Things," it's clear these trends are being propelled by millennials and their desire to hold on to old memories. More and more companies are finding new ways to engage with that emotion.

Lauren Friedman takes a deep dive into the world of Nostalgia marketing and what companies are doing it the best. For starters, she says, Pokemon Go is the perfect blend of pulling up old memories while pairing that emotion with something new and exciting.

When we feel or care for something, we’re much more likely to act. Share a compelling blast from the past with a millennial, and you’re likely to reach them on an emotional level — the holy grail of brand marketing.

Pool firms can tap into this by placing little gems from millennials' childhoods in their projects. It doesn't mean take design trends from the 90s, but maybe add some vintage/retro patio furniture or old school garden ornaments to your offerings, for example. You can also use this as a marketing tool buy incorporating nostalgic design into your business cards, fliers, and more.

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