As many of you may know, Pool & Spa News has a sister publication called Aquatics International. Its readers are aquatics facility operators, managers and designers.

Last year, Aquatics International published a groundbreaking article on the disparity in drowning rates between Caucasians and people of color. Minority youths account for a disproportionate percentage of drowning deaths in America. There are myriad reasons for the problem, and a number of solutions are being tried.

The piece was written by Shabnam Mogharabi, business editor of Pool & Spa News. Though Shabnam isn’t on the staff of Aquatics International, she felt strongly about the topic and wanted to write the article. She worked on the piece in addition to her regular duties, sometimes staying at the office until after midnight.

The result was a two-part series that delved into a complex and tragic issue without sensationalizing it. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The articles generated more letters from readers than anything Aquatics International has published before or since.

“In the Minority” went on to win a number of accolades, including the Stephen Barr Award from the American Society of Business Press Editors. The award serves as the organization’s “Best in Show” because it is selected from all of the program’s entries. Shabnam’s article beat out 1,700 contenders.

Rather than publish the series in its entirety, we condensed it into one feature article. We also added new material relevant to the topic. In all my years as editor, we have never gone out of our way to present material that already ran in another magazine. But I feel strongly that this is an important topic, and the piece itself is fascinating.

Will this article help you build or service pools and spas better, or sell more products? Probably not. But it digs deep to provide gripping and honest insight into an important topic that affects all of us on some level.

To read the piece, click here. I’m proud to have it appear in Pool & Spa News.

Erika Taylor
Erika Taylor