Recently, it came to my attention that many of you may not know how to get your company’s news into PSN. Someone asked me, “Why did you cover so-and-so in a brief but not my company’s event?” Before I answer that, I’d like to shed some light.

The News Brief section at the end of every news package in Pool & Spa News serves a variety of purposes. We often use it to cover small industry news stories that we feel are important for our readers to know about but may not merit a full news page – for example, the recent brief on IPSSA introducing “Fast Track” membership. Other times, this section is used to share news items about the companies and people in this wonderful industry; award wins, charitable events, mergers, company name changes and the like – these are all worthy of reporting. It’s a great way of communicating to the industry what’s going on with its members.

Additionally, there’s a People Brief section that accompanies the People Profile in the second issue of the month. It celebrates new hires, promotions and appointments of people in the industry.

So what do you do when you’ve got something you think is brief-worthy?

The answer to this is related to the answer I gave to the person above who asked why their event was excluded: We can’t cover something we don’t know about. No one at that company had reached out to us. The power is your hands – email me. If you’ve got a press release all ready to go, wonderful. If not, shoot me an email explaining what happened along with a high-resolution photo. While I can’t promise to run everything, I can promise that I’ll give every item serious consideration.