A headline recently caught my eye: “Society’s Status Symbols Have Changed From Ponies to Pools.” I just had to see what that was all about. Turns out, the Daily Mail of London had asked 2,000 Brits to list things that show you’ve “made it.” Then the newspaper compared today’s status symbols with those of the 1980s.

What a difference a generation makes. As many have observed here and abroad, some things that were cool to have in the ’80s are commonplace in modern homes. Here are the DM lists:

Status Symbols – 1980s
1. A car phone
2. A dishwasher
3. Children at private or boarding school
4. Two cars
5. Vacations abroad
6. A conservatory
7. A pony
8. A color TV
9. Diamond jewelry
10. A cordless phone

Status Symbols – Today
1. A high-performance car
2. A designer watch
3. Swimming pool at home
4. Flying in first or business class
5. A second home or more
6. Tennis court at home
7. Children at private or boarding school
8. A vacation home abroad
9. A home with electric gates
10. A nanny

Interestingly, only one thing made both lists: having your children attend private or boarding schools. I don’t know about you, but when I think of status symbols, that doesn’t come to mind. I also think it’s interesting that public perception has evolved. In the past, many considered a pool to be a luxury reserved for the rich and famous; nowadays it’s apparently in the cool-to-have category. True, pools loaded with amenities aren’t cheap, but there are so many different types and sizes that a buyer is sure to find one that fits the budget. It’s cool to have a pool, no doubt about it.