I was out on a job site last week for an upcoming Pool & Spa News story. The two-man crew was installing a solar heating system. You’ll read all about the install in a coming edition of the magazine. But I saw something that day that applies equally well to anything a pool tech would do.

As I watched the men work and listened to their banter, there was a phrase I never heard: “That’s good enough.” Nothing was good enough—it was either done right, or it wasn’t done at all. There were several opportunities where one or the other of the techs could have taken a shortcut. The integrity of the installation wouldn’t have been affected; the homeowner never would’ve known the difference. But these techs went the extra mile to ensure that the job was done completely and the job was done right.

That’s a trait I’ve seen in most of the pool techs I’ve been around.  Techs know their name is on the business, and they make sure the work is done professionally and correctly. It’s attitudes like this that make the pool business a great industry to be involved in.