In life, there are some things we can count on like clockwork.

Take summer. When it rolls around every year, the parks are filled with happy picnickers, the pools with laughing children, the ballpark with loyal fans. And in July, your mailbox is fed a hefty issue of Pool & Spa News that’s packed with photos of amazing aquascapes of all kinds. The Masters of Design Issue is a gorgeous edition that any coffee table would be proud to sport.

The collection of outstanding projects may appear in your mailbox like magic each summer, but it takes lots of work to produce. Our editorial staff devotes many meetings and hours to seeking, discussing and selecting the pools and spas featured in this special issue.

It’s a team effort — and you’re part of that team. We count on entries from the industry to round out our offerings. If you or a colleague have built or installed a noteworthy pool, spa or waterfeature, we want to hear about it! Please click here to see how you can put your creation up for consideration. It’s easy to do and, if it’s chosen, you’ll be able to add Pool & Spa News’ Masters of Design to your list of accomplishments — and that distinction sounds good to any consumer.

This program is a celebration of the industry and the healthy, fun products it produces. Come join the party.