I recently saw a video that really drove home for me the importance of wearing seat belts. It could be a pretty potent tool for crews who are resistant or forgetful about taking this simple but crucial step.

I saw it at an industry event recently, where I also learned that the largest number of work-related fatalities result from traffic accidents, with more than 1,300 occurring a year.

It’s a disturbing video. A cabbie driving without his seat belt is shown by a camera mounted on the dash. He nods off, hits something, and gets seriously thrown around inside the car. You can’t see the specifics from the video but, as it turns out, the car had hit a wall, bounced off a couple things, then eventually went down an embankment.

I found footage of a Court TV segment discussing the incident and, I’m glad to report, the gentleman lived.

Here’s the video.

I have to admit that, in my case, this video is a case of preaching to the choir. I’ve always worn a seat belt. I might get lazy if I’m changing parking spots or something very small like that. Now, if the ignition gets flipped, the seat belt goes on.