Courtesy AIA/Michael Kirkham
Courtesy AIA/Michael Kirkham

The AIA’s Home Design Trends Survey for the 2015 second quarter is out, and it reveals a number of homeowner preferences.

The American Institute of Architects’ survey shows that outdoor living spaces and smart home technology are at the top of the list. Things such as home automation controls, LED lighting, smart thermostats, wireless systems and electric car docking stations are particularly popular.

Outdoor living spaces have a special place in homeowners’ hearts, though.

AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker says there’s “tremendous interest in well-designed outdoor living spaces.” As the report shows, outdoor rooms that expand out from interior dining, living and entertaining spaces continue to reign as “the most popular feature of the year.”

That’s good news for pool and spa professionals, who are all about outdoor living spaces. Indeed, the AIA survey is packed with insights they can use. Read More