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Erika TaylorErika Taylor caught the writing bug in her late teens, and decided to become a Great American Novelist. After all, no one has ever failed at that. Against all odds, the plan did pay dividends and her novel, The Sun Maiden, was published in 1991. Shortly thereafter, she became a researcher for the RAND Corp. working on a variety of sociological studies. During her eight years there, she served as field manager for projects that looked at homelessness, mental illness and violence among gang members. Eventually, Erika decided to exchange the world of measurement for the world of metaphor, embarking on a career with Hanley Wood. She is currently editor in chief for Pool & Spa News and Aquatics International.

Twitter: @ErikaMTaylor


Articles by Erika Taylor

  • The Nation's Top 50 Pool Builders Serve It Up

    This year's best customer service roster includes a mix of newcomers and repeat honorees

  • Old Pools, New Codes

    A recent safety survey has revealed some surprising facts.

  • Report Shows Young British Children Lack Swim Skill

    A report from Britain's Amateur Swimming Association reveals significant data.

  • Gorillas in the Midst

    To become fixated on a momentary issue to the point where we no longer notice that someone is uncomfortable or could use a little help is...

  • Image

    Making a Splash

    Have you been on If you’ve somehow missed the meteoric rise of this Website that connects homeowners to remodelers, then...

  • Erika Taylor

    Defining the Top 50

    All members of our email list — and that’s most of you — have been sent an invitation to enter the Pool & Spa News Top 50 Builders program.

  • Erika Taylor

    The Best of Both Worlds

    A year ago I bought a car, and ever since the day I drove it off the lot I’ve regretted the purchase.

  • Erika Taylor

    Christmas Spirit

    Recently, a number us at Pool & Spa News were chatting about holiday memories, and I was struck by the depth and poignancy of people’s...

  • Erika Taylor

    A Complicated Magic

    Many of the materials used in pool design are very tasteful.

  • Erika Taylor

    A New Coin

    Recently, my job as editor of Pool & Spa News expanded. My new title is editor in chief and I am now also in charge of the print version of...


Blogs by Erika Taylor

  • The Science Behind A Feud

    The NPC and onBalance have held deep animosity against each other for a long time

  • Each One Teach One

    Proper training makes a huge difference in employee morale

  • Moving the Needle

    Let’s not become an industry that sells fences that happen to have pools behind them


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