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Lap of Luxury Lap of Luxury

Because when illuminated at night, this lap pool appears to effortlessly float in air. Read more

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Best of Both Worlds Best of Both Worlds

Because a spa bridges the philosophical gap between a husband’s 9-foot-deep vanishing-edge pool and a wife’s shallower, nonsplash pool. Read more

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Streams of Consciousness Streams of Consciousness

Because the three-sided vanishing-edge pool looks more mystical than manmade. Read more

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French Twist French Twist

because the pool and pond re-create a 14th century olive mill in the French countryside. Read more

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Perfect Fit Perfect Fit

Because the freeform pool, flagstone deck, elevated spillway spa, fireplace and built-in gas grill are masterfully co-mingled in a relatively small backyard space. Read more

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